Case Study: How To Run A Downloads And Utilities Campaign


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Traffic: Push Mainstream
Offer: Downloads & Utilities
Period: January
Geo: Angola
Spent: 1.536$
Revenue: 2.964$
ROI: 93%
Net Profit: 1.427$

I started running offers on Traffic Nomads traffic on November 2020 after I found them on Afflift. I decided to join because Traffic Nomads has its own userbase, which was exactly what I was looking for. I decided to run some generic download & utilities offers that were performing well in another network in push as well. Starting by using generic download push notifications, on our first two months running the offers we accumulated a total of 1.712$ of margin.

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December 2020




November 2020




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Our ad would engage the user to “watch a new service” in the country. Once he clicks, we would filter the clicks we had through a 1 step pre-landing page that would clean the misleading clicks. This way, we would send to the client only the clicks that would most probably subscribe the product, increasing our clicks Conversion Rate on the Client page.

Due to the good performance and profitability to the client, our team was requested to increase the traffic volumes from this source, so during the month of January we focused on expanding the reach of our campaigns on Traffic Nomads.

After a few creative tests, we encounter a difficulty that many media buyers face: our funnels were losing engagement. We started losing clicks and therefore losing importance to our clients. We tried some strategies but nothing was working.

Angola, to the moon!

We decided to contact Nomads suppor team. After a quick chat, we decided to try a different approach. Instead of trying to diversify our creativity, it would be more important to focus on extracting the most traffic of our best sources that produced 90% of our leads.


With that strategy in mind, on the 13th of January we launched two extra campaigns to run along our primary RON. The first campaign would be a whitelist with the best publishers. Here we didn’t implement any bid change so we were only reinforcing our buying position near the publisher. The second campaign would also be a whitelist of the other two best publishers, yet we would add more segmentation. On this second campaign our target were only the high activity level users.

Traffic Nomads: Angola Case Study

During the last 15 days of January we had some changes regarding bid, to adjust volumes, yet as you can see bellow, our volumes did not only increase, but by creating these more segmented campaigns we were able to increase our revenue in almost 35% with a 30% increase on margin.

Traffic Nomads: Angola Case Study

Overall, it was a good experience and I recommend working with Traffic Nomads. I was looking for a new ad network and more (fresh) traffic for my clients and I got it! It was great to find a new partner. The support team made all the difference so, for those that are reading, contact them before you give up. $

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