Traffic Nomads Ad Network API Integration

API Traffic Nomads Ad Network

API Traffic Nomads Ad Network

We’ve got some game-changing news to share – Traffic Nomads now comes with API integration! But hold on, what exactly does that mean and why should you be excited? Let’s break it down in simple terms.

What’s API Integration?

In a nutshell, API (Application Programming Interface) integration is like the secret handshake between software systems. In simple terms, it allows different programs to talk to each other and share information. So, what does this mean for you? More efficiency and less manual work! You are able to launch and stop campaigns, monitor filters and settings, blacklist or whitelist zones, check the stats and much more.

How does it work?

Our new API integration allows you to connect Traffic Nomads with your favorite tools effortlessly. Whether it’s syncing data or automating tasks, it’s all about making your life simpler. No more switching between platforms – everything works together in automation!

What are the Benefits?

  1. Save Time: Automation means less manual work. Spend more time on what matters, not on repetitive tasks.
  2. Campaign Management: Advertisers can use APIs to create, manage, and optimise ad campaigns.
  3. Performance Tracking and Reporting: Get instant access to how well your ads are doing. Advertisers can see real-time data, helping them keep an eye on and improve their campaigns the right away.
  4. Boost Productivity: When your tools work in harmony, you become a productivity powerhouse. Focus on growth, not on mundane tasks.

How to get access to the API?

Very simple! All you need to do is register/login on the Traffic Nomads platform and click on the “File” Icon on your dashboard:

Traffic Nomads API

Please note this new feature is 100% free of charge. Don’t forget to ask your Account Manager for your API key!


In conclusion, the introduction of API integration at Traffic Nomads marks a significant step forward in simplifying your advertising experience. This innovative feature isn’t just a technical upgrade – it’s a game-changer for advertisers seeking seamless automation and enhanced efficiency.

With API integration, you’re not just connecting software systems and saving time; you’re simplifying your entire campaign management process. From launching and stopping campaigns to monitoring filters, settings, and performance stats in real time, we’ve put the control right at your fingertips.

Welcome to a future where efficiency meets simplicity, and your advertising journey is smoother than ever before!

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