How to Maximize your Christmas Sales

How to Maximize your Christmas Sales

Santa Claus is officialy coming to town! Christmas is almost here and with that comes a great chance for affiliate marketeers to boost their sales! The holiday season is a great time to maximize your return on investment and we have the best tips for you to do just that! This article will discuss how you can use our platform to boost your sales this holiday season.

Important Christmas Statistics

If you want to launch some profitable campaigns this Christmas, it’s important to know the trends for this holiday season to try and make predictions about what you should promote.

  • U.S. Christmas spending in 2023 is expected to reach $1.1 Trillion.
  • 41 orders a second are processed on Amazon at Christmas. 
  • 57% of people plan to buy more from online marketplaces.
  • 62% of people buy gifts one week before christmas
  • 85% of buyers prefer free shipping, and just 15% prefer fast shipping.

When to scale your advertising budgets:

  1. Green Monday (Second Monday of December): Green Monday is a big day for sales because it’s one of the last chances to buy things online and get them before Christmas. Lots of people go online to shop, and stores offer good deals to attract customers. It keeps the holiday shopping excitement going. It typically falls on the second Monday of December, this year it’s on the 11th of December.
  2. Free Shipping Day (Varies, typically in mid-December): Free Shipping Day is an event where many online retailers offer free shipping with guaranteed delivery by Christmas Eve. It’s a strategic move to attract last-minute shoppers who are looking for a good deal without having to pay extra for shipping.
  3. Hanukkah (December 15-23, 2023): While not directly related to Christmas, Hanukkah is an important Jewish festival around the same time where gifts are also often shared.
  4. Panic Saturday (December 23, 2023): Also known as Super Saturday, this is the last Saturday before Christmas and is a busy shopping day as people rush to complete their last hour gift purchases.
  5. Boxing Day (December 26): Boxing Day is a major sales day due to various factors. Retailers offer significant discounts to clear post-Christmas inventory. The tradition of gift-giving on this day, combined with people’s time off work, contributes to increased shopping. Additionally, the trend of online shopping has further boosted sales on Boxing Day. Overall, it’s a day when consumers seek deals, make returns or exchanges, and take advantage of attractive promotions both in-store and online.

Which products are being bought?

In 2022, Google shared its Google Shopping Holiday 100 list. It’s a collection of 100 cool gift ideas that lots of people are searching for on Google this holiday season. It’s like a guide to help you find what’s hot and popular for gifts.

Some of the examples from this list are here:

  • Sony PlayStation 5,
  • Nintendo Switch OLED,
  • Seiko Watch
  • Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Eau De Parfum,
  • Maison Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge,
  • Samsung 4K UHD 55”,
  • Nespresso and Espresso Machine by Deโ€™Longhi,
  • Wilson Evolution Indoor Game Basketball,
  • Electric Bycicle,
  • Engravable Necklaces,
  • Barbie Dream House Playset,
  • Apple iPhone 15,
  • Apple AirPods,
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch
Christmas Sales Expectations
Latest data by Statista for 2022โ€“23

What does this tell us? People still think good things can happen, like getting money on christmas to solve money troubles. This means there are good chances to promote verticals like Surveys and Sweepstakes, Gambling or Financial offers!

Top Geos to target during Christmas 2023

If you’re looking for the best geos to target during this holiday season, we at Traffic Nomads prepared a great list just for you!

Of course the best vertical during this time will be e-commerce, but we should also take into consideration that Gambling and Sweepstakes also attract a lot of customers who want to increase their income.

IndonesiaUnited StatesBrazil
PhillipinesSouth AfricaUnited States
IndiaFranceRepublic Democratic of Congo

Don’t forget your Account Manager is always happy to share with you the best whitelists and geos for your specific offer!

Which ad formats to try?

People come across ads hundreds of times a day so they aren’t really paying attention to them anymore. It’s one of the most difficult tasks for a marketeer to make the potential customer notice our ads, so it’s our main goal to select the most noticable ad format for the user.

Push Notifications and Pops have the highest volumes and visibility to your ads!

Traffic Nomads Team

Statistics for Push Notifications

CountryDaily ImpressionsAverage CPC/Bid
IN – India13765588320,003
ID – Indonesia4486185960,008
BR – Brazil3538355680,009
TH – Thailand2750299780,024
PH – Philippines1963381330,005
US – United States1854753160,067
MX – Mexico1432268550,012
FR – France715086610,029
DE – Germany701416110,048
ZA – South Africa427276920,036
JP – Japan365417060,029
CD – DR Congo31082630,006
Average daily volumes for our top geos on the verticals mentioned above on Push Notifications.

Please take into consideration these are our average CPC for these top geos. Our minimum CPC is 0.001$ and we allow up to 5 creatives in a single campaign.

Examples of Creatives:

The visuals and how they impact the viewer are crucial! Even if you can’t use a GIF or a video, you can still create a feeling of mystery and urgency. Phrases like “This special offer ends tonight” or “Unwrap a surprise Christmas gift from us” tend to grab the attention of the user effectively. Here’s some examples you can use:

E-commerce Creative
E-commerce Creative
E-commerce Creative

Statistics for Pops Ads

CountryDaily ClicksAverage CPC/Bid
IN – India321757530,00016
ID – Indonesia137769970,00077
US – United States128105300,00204
BR – Brazil121344650,00106
PH – Philippines71130240,00087
FR – France67923920,00078
MX – Mexico61340200,00081
DE – Germany49199140,00171
JP – Japan40813430,00098
TH – Thailand31521760,00194
ZA – South Africa30603760,0046
CD – DR Congo817400,00091
Average daily volumes for our top geos on the verticals mentioned above on Pops.

Please take into consideration these are our average CPC for these top geos. Our minimum CPC is 0.00001$.

Key features for the best results

Now the real question is: Why should you use Traffic Nomads to promote your campaigns? Here’s some reasons:

Campaign Stats & Optimization: A table with all the most important KPIs to manage all your campaigns in one single place. Compare results, edit, stop and restart campaigns, adjust bids per campaign or zone, and much more.

Wide variety of targets: When creating your campaign you are able to target by country, device, OS, Carrier, Connection Type, IP Range, User Activity Level, Schedule and whitelists and blacklists.

SmartBid Model: This extremely useful tool basically lets the system work for you. It will automatically generate a bid and optimize the campaigns to reach your target CPA, you won’t have to do any optimization with this!

SubVerticalization: This awesome feature allows you to choose our top publishers based on the specific vertical you’re promoting and the positive experiences other advertisers have had with those publishers. Your campaigns will then operate on our whitelist for that vertical, ensuring optimal results for your campaigns!

CPA Model: Yes, you read that right! You can pay only for the conversions you get in your pops campaigns on our platform.The campaign starts by being submitted to a test period in CPM that will vary according with the country you’re promoting to. If successful, BOOM, youโ€™re ready to make huge profits. Check out how it works here!


As the holiday season approaches, it’s important to make the decision on how to take the most of it. By understanding important data, and choosing the right time to advertise your campaigns your campaigns have a much higher chance to be successful. Traffic Nomads has the tools and the data to help you achieve the best results possible!

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