What’s New at Traffic Nomads in 2023

Innovations on Traffic Nomads

Innovations on Traffic Nomads 2023

2023 is coming to an end and at Traffic Nomads it was a year of innovations and taking things to the next level. Let’s take a closer look at the cool things that made this year at Traffic Nomads so special. We’re not just talking about fancy features; we’re also sharing our business trips, contests and a cool new ad format called “Engaged.”

API Integration: Your new super tool!

Imagine how awesome it would be to handle everything for your campaigns in one place—starting and stopping campaigns, making whitelists, checking stats, and much more, all in a single tool! Well, that’s exactly what API integration lets you do. It’s like having a super cool tool that does all these things easily. Want to learn how to use this cool tool? Check it out here!

Subverticalization: The Secret to Better Results!

Imagine you’re putting together an outfit, and you want it to look perfect. Well, our campaigns work the same way! Most ad networks use the same spots for all ads, no matter what you’re promoting. That often leads to campaigns that don’t perform well.

But not with us! We’ve got something cool called “SubVerticalization” It’s like picking a “style” for your ad. You tell us what category your campaign belongs to, and we make a special list of websites just for that style. These websites are chosen based on what worked for other advertisers promoting the same category.

So, why settle for ordinary when you can have something made just for you? And if that’s not enough, check out how our top verticals have been doing since we added this special touch here:

Subverticalization Results

A New Ad Format: Engaged

We all know the most difficult task for a Marketeer is to create an ad interesting enough to make the target audience convert. That’s why we created Engaged, this innovative and revolutionary ad format allows you to target only users that are interested on your type of offer. Our expert team of designers and IT professionals work together to build a custom prelander, tailored to reach the end users who are most likely to engage with your content. These users have already shown interest on your type of offer and are ready to convert, making them the perfect match for your campaigns.

Here are the results of Engaged since it was launched in July on our top geos:

Conversions with Subverticalization

Nominated For Top Ad Networks by OfferVault 2023

OfferVault is one of the most known platforms in the industry to compare traffic sources and offers. This year we’ve been nominated as one of the top ad networks by their list of advertisers. Being recognized as one of the top ad networks by OfferVault is a testament to our commitment to excellence at Traffic Nomads. It’s an honor to stand among the industry’s best and we’ll surely continue to work to proceed with this reputation!

A New RTB Team!

Due to the increased success of Traffic Nomads, especially in the RTB area, we felt the necessity not to just getting more people for our Real-Time Bidding (RTB) team, but also to change the way we organize things.

Think of it like upgrading our team to be more flexible and generally better. We’re bringing in new folks with special skills and getting ready for whatever comes next. We’ll be sure to bring you very good news in this chapter next year!

Nomads Across the World

This year, we made around 50 thousand quilometers as we joined some of the biggest affiliate conferences in the world like:

  • AW Bangkok
  • AW Dubai
  • SBC Barcelona
  • AW Barcelona
  • TES Prague
  • TES Cascais
  • iGB London
  • Sigma Malta


This year was really cool with awesome new stuff, like cool features and fun conferences at Traffic Nomads. We’re super excited about what’s coming next. Thanks for being part of Traffic Nomads! Stay connected with us to learn cool ways to make your campaigns even better. We promise more awesome things next year! 🌐🚀✨

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