The Ultimate Guide to Succeed in iGaming Affiliate Marketing

iGaming how to buy traffic and succeed

The iGaming industry has exploded in popularity in recent years, with millions of players worldwide enjoying the excitement and convenience of online gambling. As the market continues to grow, affiliate marketers are discovering the immense potential of iGaming affiliate marketing. By promoting online casinos, sportsbooks, and other gaming platforms, affiliates can get a nice passive income while helping operators acquire new customers.

In this ultimate guide, we’ll explore the key aspects of succeeding in the competitive world of iGaming affiliate marketing.

What is iGaming Affiliate Marketing?

iGaming affiliate marketing is a marketing area where affiliates promote online gambling products and services, such as online casinos, sportsbooks, and poker rooms. Affiliates earn commissions for driving traffic and referring players to iGaming operators.

How It Works

  1. Affiliates sign up with an iGaming operator or affiliate network.
  2. They receive unique tracking links to promote the operator’s products.
  3. Affiliates promote these links through various channels, such as websites, social media, and email marketing.
  4. When a player clicks on an affiliate link and signs up or makes a deposit, the affiliate earns a commission.

Commissions can be based on various models, such as:

Revenue ShareAffiliates earn a percentage of the revenue generated by referred players.
CPA (Cost Per Acquisition)Affiliates receive a fixed amount for each new player who signs up and makes a deposit.
HybridA combination of revenue share and CPA, offering a mix of short-term and long-term rewards.

Why It’s Profitable

iGaming affiliate marketing is a lucrative industry for several reasons:

  1. High player value: Online gamblers tend to be high-value customers, with a higher lifetime value than players in other industries.
  2. Long-term revenue: Revenue share models provide affiliates with a steady stream of passive income as long as their referred players remain active.
  3. Growing market: The iGaming industry is expanding rapidly, with more countries legalizing online gambling and new operators entering the market.
  4. Low barriers to entry: Affiliates can start promoting iGaming products with minimal investment and no need for their own products or services.

Top Ad Formats

We at Traffic Nomads support different types of ad formats and stand for the best matches in order to get the best profit. Here are 4 most effective of them at your service.

Pops – Efficient full-page attention attractors. These ads appear in a new tab or window and traditionally drive the largest traffic volumes of all. Pops work perfectly if you want to reach as many users as possible, we advise you to work on the design of the landing page or prelander as much as possible as this is what will make the user convert. This is also the cheapest ad format.

Push Notifications– Push notifications are messages sent directly to a user’s device (such as a smartphone or desktop) from an application or website. These notifications can appear even when the user is not actively using the app or site. Users must agree to receive push notifications, which typically happens when they install an app or visit a website that asks for permission.

Native Ads – Native ads are a type of paid media designed to appear seamlessly with the content around them. They match the form and function of the platform on which they appear, making them less disruptive to the user experience. They are the less intrusive ad format of all.

Banner ads – Banner ads are a type of digital advertisement that is typically displayed in a rectangular or square format on web pages. They can appear in various locations on a webpage, including the top, bottom, or sides.They are highly visible due to their distinct placement and design.

Where to Buy iGaming Traffic

People logically trust websites from top positions, so you are motivated to do your best to reach them. The more efficient your SEO is, the higher your position in the online search. Respectively, the more organic traffic you get and at the end of this chain, the more you earn. Since SEO usually is better for long term results, we have a few solutions for you to try and get your best possible results in the short term:

Google Ads: This can be a powerful tool to help you get more deposits and sign-ups for your casino. Use tools like Google Keyword Planner to find keywords related to online gambling, casino games, bonuses, and other relevant terms. Focus on long-tail keywords that have lower competition but higher intent, such as “best online casino with signup bonus” or “deposit bonus casino”.

Meta Ads: Meta ads, aligning both Facebook and Instagram ads, are powerful tools for driving deposits and sign-ups for your casino. Focus on specific age groups, genders, and locations where potential gamblers are most active and users interested in online gambling, casinos, poker, or related activities.

Ad Networks: Ad networks can be a powerful tool for driving more deposits and sign-ups for your casino. Ad networks allow you to target specific specific websites related to iGaming. This ensures your ads reach the most relevant audience, increasing the likelihood of attracting users who are interested in online casinos. You have the option to choose from a variety of ad formats but our main suggestion would be to try Pops and Push Notifications.

Cross-Platform Synergy: Combine efforts across ad networks, Google Ads, and social media for a cohesive strategy.

Performance Tracking: Use analytics tools to monitor the performance of each platform and adjust your strategies accordingly for optimal ROI.

Self-Service Platforms

Self-service platforms allow advertisers to launch and manage their campaigns independently or with the help of an Account Manager. With intuitive interfaces and targeting options, these platforms give the power for affiliates to have full control over their iGaming campaigns. Advertisers can set budgets, select ad formats, define target audiences, and optimize their campaigns in real-time based on performance data. Don’t forget to use tools such as Smartbid or SubVerticalization to get the best possible results.

Common Restrictions Across Continents

  1. Age Verification: Ads must not target minors; age verification required.
  2. Responsible Gambling: Ads must include responsible gambling messages.
  3. Content Restrictions: Ads must not be misleading or promise guaranteed wins.
  4. Platform Restrictions: Some regions restrict platforms for gambling ads, such as social media or television.

Ad Network Compliance

  • Approval Processes: Ads often need to be approved to ensure legal compliance.
  • Geo-targeting: Ads can be targeted only to legal regions where the operator is licensed.
  • Content Guidelines: Ad networks may have specific guidelines for language, imagery, and claims used in ads.


In summary, to succeed in iGaming affiliate marketing, you need a smart strategy and a good know-how of how the industry works. Affiliates can get into the expanding iGaming market by using different types of ad formats to attract visitors and make sales. It’s crucial to improve your website’s SEO if you have one, run targeted ads on platforms like Google and Meta. Following rules on responsible gambling and meeting legal requirements also helps build a trustworthy reputation. By following these steps, affiliates can grow a successful business in iGaming.

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