Calendar Ads: All You Need to Know

Calendar Ads - How to Promote them

Calendar Ads – How to Promote them

Calendar is a new ad format, where the ads are scheduled directly on the device’s calendar of the user. Just like push notifications, the user needs to agree previously to receive the ads. The possibility of personalized communication and the limited volumes are two of the reasons why this ad format has such high performance in digital campaigns.

Calendar ads will be displayed in all the iOS devices – iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. If they are sync, the notifications will be delivered to all users iOS devices through iCloud and Google calendar.

Key advantages:
  • Reach iPhone users
  • Higher CTRs
  • No visual competition from other ads or other content
  • The user has agreed to receive ads

Calendar Ad Format

Calendar ads
So when should you use calendar ads?

Calendar is not cheap and there aren’t a lot of volumes available. For these reasons, this ad format should be used for campaigns that were already tested and where your goal is to get top quality traffic rather than huge volumes (to scale). Also, this ad format is not recommended for campaigns with a low CPA target.

How to Create Calendar Ads?

Promoting your campaign on calendar is very easy if you have an account at Traffic Nomads.

Before you start make sure you test your landing page to make sure it opens correctly on iOS devices.

You can visit Rates on Traffic Nomads self-service platform to study the average prices for the country you want to advertise.


Once you are all set, go to Create Campaign and select Calendar.


Insert the campaign name and select the best targeting options for your campaign.


Select the bid and create your ads. Remember to use a clear and catchy copy, something connected to your product but at the same time, something the user can relate to. We always advise you to create at least 3 ad variations for each campaign and to change the ads every 7 days. Once it’s done, click on Submit Campaign and wait for the approval.


What are the restrictions and requirements for calendar ad format?

For calendar traffic, please make sure your campaign creatives follow these requirements:

  • Title: up to 30 characters
  • Description: up to 40 characters

Traffic Nomads does not allow the following types of products or services:

  • Offensive content
  • Hateful content
  • Illegal products and services
  • Malware, phishing, malicious software

Calendar ads are very recent and the performance has been amazing from day one, especially for high CPA/CPL offers. There is so much demand for this ad format that the question now relies on how to get more of this traffic!

If you have a winning offer, explore this ad format for extra revenue. Start today your calendar ads

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