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Everything You Need To Know About Traffic Nomads

Created by experienced media buyers, Traffic Nomads is one of the few ad networks in the market with its own push notifications userbase. With an intuitive self-service platform and expert media buying advice, advertisers can achieve the results they are looking for seamlessly. Traffic Nomads was built by MOBIPIUM, an affiliate network specializing in mobile...

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New Partnership: Traffic Nomads and Redtrack

To speed up your postback integration, Traffic Nomads is now integrated with Redtrack. If you are buying traffic from several ad networks, using a tracker will help you rapidly process the clicks and build reports, saving both your time and money. RedTrack.io is a SaaS platform that solves growth related challenges in media-buying through sophisticated...

Ad Formats and Tools
whitelists and blacklists in media buying

How To Use Blacklists & Whitelists

The ad-buying process and ad tech industry have seen exponential growth in the past years, alongside constant change and complexity. In such a complex environment, both buyers and sellers spare no effort to seek ways to maximize their digital revenue. Blacklists and whitelists are one of them. One of the most effective media buying techniques...

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