Case Study: How to Increase iGaming conversions with Pops

Case Study - Increase conversions in iGaming Pops US

Case Study – Increase conversions in iGaming Pops US

iGaming is one of the verticals with the highest payouts in the industry. So it’s no wonder that more and more Affiliates have been turning to this vertical to try and get to higher levels of revenue, margin and ROI. Now, we’ll check the case of an Advertiser from Traffic Nomads that with the help from his Account Manager and with some important optimizations was able to take his campaign to a whole new level.


Ad Format: Pops

Offer: Winning Poker Network (CPL+Deposit)

Pricing Model: CPM

Campaign period: Dec 15, 2023 – Jan 7, 2024

GEO: United States

CPA Target: 150$


The advertiser set the bid of 3.6$ and made sure to target only the publishers that had already converted on other similar iGaming campaigns with the help of subverticalization and to try and get the most traffic possible. He also chose to target all devices, OS and browsers and set a frequency cap of 4/24.

In order to understand what type of landing pages and targeting worked better, he created multiple campaigns targetting different landing pages in order to understand which one was working better.

Landing Pages

In this case he tried to use different landing pages, both offering a bonus and with a big CTA that would lead the user to the sign up page of the offer. In another campaign he tried to use a more intuitive landing page where the user had to “scratch” a coupon to get a special prize and to make the user interact more with the offer first in order to try and get more engaged users.

iGaming creative
Landing Page Number 1
iGaming landing page
Landing Page Number 2
iGaming prelander
Landing Page 3

First Results

The first results were not bad but they were still not what the advertiser was aiming for, so he asked his Account Manager for some optimization tips in order to help him get to his CPA target.

iGaming conversions at Traffic Nomads
Results before optimization

Traffic Nomads provides the opportunity for optimization by source, zone and thanks to features like SmartBid system, you can even define a CPA target and let the system optimize the campaigns by itself. However, in this case, he decided to optimize the campaigns manually.

To start optimizing, we recommend you to set up a tracker. Traffic Nomads is integrated with all major trackers on the market (e.g. Binom, BeMob, RedTrack, Voluum).

The suggestions given were:

⭐ Target only Mobile users.

⭐ Try different prelanders on all campaigns to get genuinely engaged users.

⭐ Decrease the frequency cap to 2/24.

⭐ Create a whitelist only with the publishers that had converted on his campaigns.

After Optimization Results:

After optimization the results significantly improved. The conversions went from 44 to 106 registering an increase of 141% and the CPA decreased from 289.25$ to 130.94$ registering a decrease of 54% reaching even below the CPA target. Of course that based on these results we can consider the job is done but no, it takes a lot of optimization to be done. Fortunately, at Traffic Nomads we offer you the right tools for you to fully optimize your campaigns and you also have an Account Manager to help you with some amazing tips!

iGaming conversions at Traffic Nomads
Results after optimization

You can also check how Push Notifications can help you increase conversions in iGaming offers here!


Through the use of our platform’s optimization features and Pops format, this iGaming advertiser was able to achieve his objectives and significantly improve the performance of his campaign in the United States to even below his CPA target.

Be open to experiments, provide your campaign with the diversity of landing pages and prelanders, make sure to create whitelists of your own, and don’t forget to ask your Account Manager for insights and pieces of advice. He’s always there to help and can make a difference on the campaign’s performance!

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