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2022 Highlights

Voluum has been the number one choice for performance marketers, affiliates, and agencies for years. The point is not to make the best tracker and call it a day but rather make a very good one and improve over the years.

Clients’ needs evolve, the landscape changes, trends come and go, and new platforms emerge.
No company can survive without constant improvement. And that’s the case with Voluum.

The year 2022 brought a lot of changes, minor and more fundamental ones, all of them focused on solving real problems for actual users. Let’s look at how Voluum got better and what else the year 2022 has in stock for us.

A Few Words About Voluum

Voluum is one of the longest-running ad trackers on the market and the first one that was available through cloud. From the very beginning it was designed to maximize advertiser’s profits and facilitate various working lifestyles.

The core Voluum functionality is to record various events such as clicks on ads or on landing pages and register conversions. Each event is stored in Voluum’s robust database with over 30 corresponding data points. Then comes the powerful and flexible reporting engine that enables advertisers to outline the scope of data they need to answer questions and verify hypotheses.

Over the years, Voluum grew from a robust yet focused tool to a complex solution that is now used not only by solo advertisers, but also by agencies.

The features that were introduced during this time were facilitating team collaboration, fraud detection, automatic traffic distribution and many more.

The crown jewel in Voluum’s collection of features and tools is Automizer – an integration and automation module that connects with traffic sources via API and enables in-depth controls of campaigns within these sources, even with the use of auto-rules.

The latter ones were game changers, judging by the clients’ base response. The ability to automate repetitive tasks, set up alarms, use whitelists (even if they are not supported on traffic source’s side), or automate bidding strategies freed up marketers to focus on more creative and managerial tasks. This unleashed their resources that were previously wasted on checking up campaigns, digging through data or fixing errors hours after they appeared. 

Voluum has entered 2022 with a momentum and a solid promise to its clients to keep delivering.

The Challenges of 2022

The year brought a few challenges, some of them unexpected, some of them still only looming on the horizon. The latter refers to the repeatedly postponed block of third-party cookies in Chrome. The date is now set to 2024 but we’ve already spent a big part of our resources to further improve Voluum’s tracking scripts.

The improvement not only allowed us to be sure that this block won’t affect our users but also gave them the option to use much more complex campaign funnels. 

Apart from that, we were working hard on maintaining working integrations with Google and Facebook, which block or change how things operate without prior notice and leave the smaller guys struggling.

There are a lot of our developer teams’ efforts that go unnoticed but are essential to keep Voluum running. We have a proven server uptime record since 2013 and we really would like to keep it that way.

Integration with Traffic Nomads Was a Natural Step

The natural progress for Voluum is to integrate with popular traffic source platforms. That was exactly the case with Traffic Nomads, a relatively new but very promising and popular platform that in June joined the family of Voluum integrated platforms.

What this means for our users is that they can optimize the way they work with their Traffic Nomads campaigns. They can:

  • Pause or resume campaigns without leaving Voluum
  • Synchronize cost for campaigns using API
  • See the campaign status within Voluum
  • Create auto-rules that launch automatically when certain conditions are met

Visit our page to learn about integration or check out the documentation.

What Other Improvements the Year 2022 brought

Giving our direct tracking scripts a boost and integrating with Traffic Nomands were far from the only improvements that we have made to Voluum. The list in chronological order includes:

  • Integration with TikTok – work with a platform that gives Mark Zuckerberg nightmares.
  • Read-only users – get more freedom when dividing tasks among your team members and invite co-workers to Voluum with read-only rights
  • Group by conversions – follow the customer journey by viewing all events tied to a single click ID
  • Facebook actions – don’t settle on just synchronizing cost between Voluum and Facebook, pause and resume your Facebook campaigns from Voluum’s dashboard
  • Integrations with Adcash and Mondiad – new sources are coming all the time, pick the one you like the most or work with many of them. Voluum supports all working styles.

Year 2022 From a Business Perspective

Time brings not only technical challenges but also business ones, regarding where the money is being made, what’s popular or new. We know that the market looks nothing like when it did years ago, when we launched Voluum.

Back then, aggressive pop ads were the way to go, native ads were reserved only for brands, and nobody was using push ads. The way to the top was simple: scale up fast, profit and reinvest. Campaign funnels were simple, and the way money was being made was clear to everyone.

Now the main word is complexity. There are many stakeholders or specialized platforms, and several types of trackers. People make money reselling traffic or working in verticals that were non-existent ten years ago. Ten years ago, it was possible to work on intuition alone, without an ad tracker. Now, the margins are lower, so most marketers need to work on a bigger scale – something that is not possible with a tracker.

Marketers are now far more likely to join and form agencies, divide workload, and try to reach the effect of scale. There are no more lone wolves, no superaffiliates but rather successful companies.

Our top observations for the year 2022 would be:

  • iGaming is on the rise and probably on the verge of exploding, since the legislation in the US looks increasingly favorably for this type of entertainment.
  • Ecommerce still proves to be a solid choice for most marketers.
  • People that look for additional revenue streams or feel like the traditional affiliate marketing landscape has nothing interesting to offer them turn to traffic arbitrage. It is an advanced way of earning money that requires working on a big scale to achieve reasonable profits.
  • Lastly: integration is the king. Some working models require using two trackers or a tracker and a mobile attribution platform. If you can’t make them work either through a built-in integration, workaround, or API then you are losing tons of opportunities.

The Only Constant is Change

Everyone has to evolve and adapt. Traffic Nomads is the brainchild of industry’s veterans and a need to feel a market gap for a robust ad network focused on concrete verticals. Make sure that you grow in a good company. Traffic Nomads and Voluum are waiting for you.

If you decide to join us, we have a very special discount for all Traffic Nomads users. Benefit from everything that Voluum offers for up to 30% less.

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