Top 5 Affiliate Tracking Softwares in 2024

An Affiliate tracking software is essential for businesses to manage and optimize their affiliate marketing campaigns, allowing affiliates to do performance measurement, commission attribution, ROI analysis, fraud prevention, and productivity boosts for partnership management. As affiliate marketing continues to grow, choosing the right affiliate tracking software becomes crucial for success in 2024, with factors like ease of use, integration, scalability, real-time analytics, customization, and support being key considerations.

This article explores the best affiliate tracking software options available in 2024, comparing their features and benefits to help businesses make informed decisions. It will also dive into the differences between cloud-based and self-hosted affiliate monitoring solutions, providing a comprehensive guide for those looking to enhance their affiliate management and maximize their marketing campaigns.

Top Features to Look for in Affiliate Tracking Solutions

When evaluating a affiliate tracking software, there are several key features to consider that can significantly impact the effectiveness and efficiency of your affiliate marketing campaigns:

  1. Real-time analytics and reporting are crucial for making data-driven decisions promptly. The software should provide up-to-date insights into campaign performance, allowing you to optimize strategies on the fly.
  2. Advanced fraud detection features are essential to maintain the integrity of your affiliate campaigns. The software should be capable of identifying and preventing fraudulent activities, ensuring accurate tracking and attribution.
  3. Reliable customer support is a must-have when choosing an affiliate tracking solution. Responsive and knowledgeable support teams can help resolve any issues quickly, minimizing disruptions to your affiliate marketing operations.

Additional Essential Features

Conversion trackingAccurately measure the effectiveness or conversion rates (CR) of affiliate campaigns.
Customizable link creation & shorteningCreate branded, easy-to-share affiliate links that drive higher engagement
UTM parameter managementEfficiently organize and track campaign parameters for easier performance analysis
Multiple attribution modelsAttribute conversions based on different touchpoints in the customer journey, aligning with your offer’s objectives

Other important features to look for include:

  • Desktop and mobile ad tracking
  • Impression tracking
  • Organic traffic tracking
  • Split testing capabilities

By prioritizing these features when selecting an affiliate tracking software, you can ensure that you have the tools necessary to effectively manage, optimize, and grow your affiliate marketing campaigns in 2024 and beyond.


Voluum is a popular cloud-based affiliate tracking platform known for its real-time reporting and analytics capabilities. Developed by CodeWise, a company with extensive experience in affiliate marketing, Voluum offers comprehensive features for tracking, optimizing, and automating affiliate campaigns.

Key Features and Benefits

  1. Centralized platform for monitoring all affiliate conversion tracking metrics, providing a holistic overview of campaign performance
  2. AI-powered tools for traffic optimization and collaboration features for working together on different access levels
  3. Advanced targeting options and traffic distribution capabilities
  4. Supports over 50 affiliate networks and provides traffic source and affiliate network templates for easy setup
  5. Tracks more than 40 traffic sources across various networks

Pricing and Availability

ProfitCustom pricingUnlimited events, custom domains, API access, dedicated support
Scale$999/month20M events, 50 custom domains, API access, premium support
Start-up$199/month1M events, 10 custom domains, API access, standard support

Voluum offers a cloud-hosted platform service with data centers in different countries for better performance and data protection. The starting price for Voluum is $199.00 per month, and a free trial is available.

User Experience and Learning Curve

Voluum has a steep learning curve but becomes easy to manage once set up. The platform simplifies tracking, optimizing, and automating ad campaigns, helping maximize ROI and boost the performance of advertising. Voluum ensures secure data storage with banking-standard infrastructure.

Voluum is a powerful tracking platform for affiliate marketers, media buyers, and agencies. With its wide range of stats for detailed analysis and easy integration with various platforms, Voluum is a popular choice in the industry for those looking to optimize their marketing campaigns by tracking, managing, and optimizing all traffic sources in one place.

Voluum provides extensive resources such as Beginner AM Guide, Webinars, Video Tutorials, Documentation, Case Studies, Trackers Comparison, Blog, Native Ads Masterclass, Affiliate Networks, Change Log, Resellers program, and Educational Resources.


Binom is a self-hosted tracking solution designed for affiliates and media buyers that has been in operation since 2015, serving over 1000 clients worldwide. It offers a 30-day free trial with no credit card required and a flat price of $99/month, which includes unlimited domains and free SSL certificates.

Key Features

  1. Custom events to pass information from any point of the conversion funnel into the tracker.
  2. Powerful API and URL customization options.
  3. Processes clicks in 5 milliseconds, guaranteeing zero losses.
  4. Highest speed of report generating on the market.
  5. Self-hosting ensures data is stored on your server with no third-party access.
  6. Provides a competitive advantage in securing data and maintaining control over server infrastructure.
  7. Allows adding unlimited users and managing access rights precisely.
  8. Supports over 80 different ad networks.

Binom offers extensive documentation, enabling users to find answers to their questions without waiting for support. The tracker claims to have zero click loss, ensuring accurate tracking and reporting. It also provides advanced traffic distribution, sending clicks to landing pages that users have not seen yet and increasing frequency caps.

Collaboration and Optimization

Group Campaign ReportsFacilitates regular updates and staying informed
Automated UpdatesLarge-scale updates every few months
User InterfaceFastest and most convenient
Multi User SystemFlexible with different access rights
Support Response TimeAverage response time of 2 minutes

Binom offers cross-campaign analysis and statistics on paths, rules, and rotations. It helps identify traffic from bots and optimize bidding statistics. Campaign optimization is fast and comfortable with saved filters and quick access to all reports. Smart filters help make accurate white- and black-lists.

Advanced Tracking and API

Binom tracks 20+ click metrics with the newest ISP and devices databases. It tracks user behavior on landing pages, exit points, browser settings, http-headers, and much more. The tracker has a landing page pixel and integrated landings, supporting unlimited domains and an event system for all desired metrics on landers.

Binom’s API allows for full control of the tracker, connecting optimization instruments or integration and visualization tools. The mobile apps offer all features, including click processing, technological core, organization, traffic distribution, analytics, tracking, API, and support.

Binom is the best choice for teams with fine-tuning access rights for users. Its pricing starts from $69/month when paid annually, otherwise $99/month.

Pricing and Support

PricingFlat price of $99/month with no restrictions or limitations, regardless of traffic volume or features used
Free Trial30-day free trial with no credit card required
SupportQuick response time and helpful tips from the support team to maximize tracker usage

Binom’s pricing model is straightforward, with a single license cost covering all traffic, making it a cost-effective solution for affiliate marketers. The platform does not depend on the amount of traffic, ensuring that users can scale their campaigns without incurring additional costs.

Performance and Scalability

Binom leads the market in click-processing and report-building speeds, ensuring that users can access real-time data and make informed decisions quickly. The latest version of the tracking software, Binom Version 2, is capable of processing hundreds of millions of clicks daily without compromising report speed or reliability.

With its user-friendly interface, advanced features, and commitment to performance and scalability, Binom has become a popular choice among affiliate marketers worldwide, serving over 1,000 clients.

As a partnership bonus, use the promo code β€œBinom” to get a free 30-day access to the tracker and a 40% discount on your first month of subscription.


BeMob is a cloud-based affiliate tracking software designed for affiliates, media buyers, and teams, offering a comprehensive suite of features to streamline online advertising challenges. With its user-friendly interface, fast redirects, and extensive list of pre-configured traffic sources and affiliate networks, BeMob simplifies ad tracking, management, analysis, optimization, and collaboration.

Key Features and Benefits

  1. Multi-language Interface and Support: BeMob offers multilingual support, making it accessible to users worldwide.
  2. Seamless Redirects and No-Redirect Tracking: Professionals can benefit from BeMob’s seamless redirects, no-redirect tracking, fraud detection, customizable settings, advanced rules, and API-integrated traffic sources.
  3. Instant Reporting and Collaboration: Agencies can leverage BeMob’s trends, flows, instant reporting, shared reports, flexible multi-user and workspaces, powerful API, and API-integrated traffic sources.
  4. SSL for Custom Domains: BeMob provides SSL for custom domains, ensuring secure tracking and data protection.
  5. Advanced Traffic Distribution System: The platform offers an advanced traffic distribution system, enabling users to optimize their campaigns effectively.

Pricing Plans

BeMob offers various pricing plans to cater to different user needs:

Free$0/month100,000 free events per month with basic tracking options
Professional$49/monthUp to 1 million events with an overage charge of $0.05 per thousand events
Business$249/monthUp to 10 million events with advanced conditions for traffic distribution
Enterprise$499/monthComprehensive tracking and reporting capabilities with increased number of elements, domains, team members, and shared reports

Users can also purchase additional features without changing their pricing plan, providing flexibility and customization.

User Experience and Support

BeMob boasts a user-friendly interface and a responsive support team, ensuring a smooth user experience. Beginners can benefit from the free plans, competitive pricing, predefined templates, simple onboarding, multi-language UI, and support.

However, some users have reported moderately fast but not real-time data, an average level of click loss. Additionally, some users feel that there is an insufficient amount of video tutorials available.

Despite these limitations, BeMob remains a popular choice for affiliates, media buyers, and teams looking for a comprehensive and user-friendly affiliate tracking solution.


RedTrack is a reliable cloud-based affiliate tracking platform that offers comprehensive ad tracking capabilities, click fraud detection, and prevention measures. Launched in 2017, RedTrack operates globally with teams in 5 countries and serves customers from over 107 countries.

Key Features and Integrations

  1. Integration with major advertising platforms.
  2. Simple reporting, custom domains, multi-user access, fraud/bot filtering, and flexible postback settings.
  3. Integration with various platforms.
  4. Campaign data is stored in the cloud.
  5. The number of custom domains is unlimited.
  6. There is filtering through a bot and a proxy filter. You can set up a redirect for unique visits.
  7. English, Russian, Chinese, and Spanish interface languages ​​are available.
  8. Multi-user access.

Pricing and Plans

RedTrack offers three subscription plans:

PlanMonthly PriceAnnual PriceTracking Events/Month
Solo$149$1,4903 million
Team$249$2,49010 million
Enterprise$749$7,49050 million

The platform provides a 14-day free trial for all plans and offers add-ons such as Ads Manager and Scale Rules by request. Annual deals allow users to lock in their subscriptions at a lower cost of ownership, providing greater cost savings and consistent, predictable expenses.

Target User Base and Use Cases

RedTrack is commonly used for affiliate marketing in general by many advertisers and media buyers. The platform primarily targets small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

In 2023, RedTrack helped track over 50 million ads and aims to increase this number in 2024. The platform provides accurate performance data, advanced automation, and helps prevent ad budget waste. RedTrack is committed to transparent and predictable pricing in 2024, with no price increases for affiliate subscriptions and cost update frequencies add-ons.

With its prompt support, hassle-free settings, and stable work, RedTrack empowers media buyers with the tools they need for long-term success in affiliate marketing.


Peerclick was developed to cater to a diverse range of digital marketers, including agencies, e-commerce owners, solo affiliates, performance marketers, and in-house teams. It emerged as a solution to track and optimize ad campaigns effectively.

Key Features and Integrations

  1. Real-time reporting: Stay instantly informed about everything happening in your campaigns!
  2. Integration with various platforms.
  3. Smart automation
  4. Anti Fraud System.

Pricing and Plans

PeerClick offers three subscription plans:

PlanMonthly PriceAnnual PriceTracking Events/Month
Basic$159$1,9083 million
Advanced$319$3,82810 million
Exclusive$679$8,14830 million

User Experience

Peerclick has excelled in providing a complete ad tracking system, offering tools and convenience to digital marketers. The platform’s ability to track, optimize, and automate campaigns has significantly contributed to improving ROI for advertisers around the globe.

PeerClick gifts you a Basic+ plan for a month with 3 million clicks and a lot of cool features for free with the code NOMADS24 


The world of affiliate marketing is constantly evolving, and staying ahead of the curve requires the right tools and strategies. Affiliate tracking software plays a crucial role in managing, optimizing, and scaling your affiliate programs. By carefully evaluating your needs and comparing the features and benefits of various platforms, you can select the solution that aligns with your goals and helps you maximize your affiliate marketing success.

As we move into 2024, the affiliate tracking software market is expected to experience significant growth, offering businesses even more opportunities to streamline their processes and boost their ROI.

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