Self Service Platform is now available!


TrafficNomads for Publishers is here! After two years of working exclusively as a self-serve ad network for advertisers, we have decided to open our own SSP, so we can help Publishers like you to earn money with your traffic! If you’re looking for new alternatives to send your direct traffic to and get competitive rates, you’ve came to the right place. You can create your Publisher account directly here.

Once you’ve registered, our team will check if everything is in accordance with our guidelines. If that is the case, the account will be approved asap (withing 24 working hours). Follow this step-by-step guide to learn what do to next:


On the Zones tab (third icon on the left menu), you’ll find 2 sections: First, the RTB Zones. This is for networks who work with technical protocols such as JSON feeds and openRTB. If that’s your case, please contact your AM, as these zones are not open to self-service.

Secondly, you’ll find the Direct Zones section. This is where the magic happens for Direct Publishers! Your first step must be to create a New Zone, following the button on the top right:


Once you’ve done so, a Pop-Up will appear, where we ask you for a couple of information:

  • Zone Name: The name of the zone that will show on the platform. Tip: Write something easy to keep track of!
  • Website URL: Very Important! Tell us the site where the traffic will be coming. Only Zones with verified websites will be approved.
  • Vertical: What type of ads do you allow? Mainstream or Adult?

Once you complete these fields, the next step is to decide which ad format do you want! Choose one  from Banners, Popunders, Inpage Push and Natives.

Finally, in case you chose Banners or Popunders, you’ll have to make a final selection: Banner size in case you have chosen Banner, or Monetization Type in case you chose Popunders. For this ad format, we provide the opportunity to work with Direct Links or JS Tags.


When all the steps are completed, just press Submit, and you’re new Zone will be displayed on the Direct Zones table, with the Status “Pending”. Once again, our team will review the Zone information asap and approve it within 24 working hours.

Obviously, you can create as many Zones as you’d like. The next step would be to keep track of their performance.


The statistics tab (second icon on the left menu) was created to provide you with an extensive range of filters and visualizations to keep track of your earnings and sent traffic. By default, you’ll see the overall statistics grouped by day, both in the graph and in the table below.



You can use the filtering section on top to display only what you want to see (Ad Format, Subid, Country or Zone). You can also select what information to see on the graph, by using the “Show” options below the graph.

On the table, you’ll see 3 different groups: Firstly, the total traffic we received. Secondly, the traffic that was considered invalid. Finally, and the most important aspect, the Approved traffic. This will be your earnings, and the values that will be shown in the graph.

In the Date table, you can click on the “+” for each day, being then able to see the statistics by hour.


There are 4 other options to group data by: Adformat; Subid; Country and Zone. Selecting any of these on the top of the page will change the graph to a pie chart and the table below reflect your choice. You can also use any filters you want.




On your Account Statement, you’ll find a simple overview of your daily earnings. Around midnight, the earnings of the previous day will show up.

Information on payments will also be shown here! At the moment, automatic payments are not yet available, but custom payments can be done according to your needs. Our standard policy is to make monthly payments, but in case you’re looking for weekly/bi-weekly, let your AM know. For amounts below 500$ we have the following methods available: Paypal, Paxum, Payoneer and Capitalist.


This is it for the basics of our TrafficNomads for Publishers interface! If you have any additional questions, check our main page: or feel free to contact your AM or

All clear? Great! Join us and start making money!

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