Let’s wrap up 2022!

We couldn´t be more excited about the new year, but first let’s remember what happened in 2022, because we’re just feeling so lucky and proud to what we achieved together!


Our numbers:

✔️ 5K+ New advertisers

✔️ 20K+ New campaigns

✔️ 15B+ Clicks

✔️ 19M+ Conversions


Because Traffic Nomads is made by people, it is important to remember that this year we welcomed 5 new members to our team!


After almost 2 years in lockdown, we traveled a lot again in 2022, just like a good Nomad ✈️✈️

                🇪🇸 TES Sitges

                🇦🇪 AW Dubai

                🇬🇧 iGB London

                🇲🇽 ClickBid Tulum

                🇪🇸 AW Barcelona

                🇨🇿 TES Prague

                🇹🇭 AW Bangkok


And because not everything is numbers…

SSP Launch for publishers

CPA as the new bidding model on the DSP

Improvement of the Smartbid System


Kudos for being a part of Nomads’s incredible community!

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