The Ultimate Guide for Push Advertisement in 2024

What are Push Ads?

Push notifications or Push Ads are small messages sent from an app or website to a user’s device even when the app or website is not in use. In 2024, they are not just about alerting users but also about increasing user engagement, retaining customers, and driving conversions. For advertisers and media buyers, push notifications offer a direct line of communication to consumers’ devices, making them an indispensable tool for personalized marketing.

Big names like Neil Patel recognize how effective they are for engaging and pleasing users. Crafting them carefully can help you grow your audience.

In the fast-evolving digital landscape, push notifications have emerged as a vital tool for advertisers and media buyers aiming to capture their audience’s attention efficiently. As we step into 2024, understanding push notifications is more crucial than ever. This guide dives deep into the world of push notifications, offering great insights for advertisers and media buyers to leverage this powerful ad format to its fullest potential.

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Understanding Push Notifications in 2024

We’ve all heard the stories from a number of years ago that push notifications is dying and that it doesn’t work anymore. But that’s not exactly true, the fact is, it’s still one of the most used ad formats across the industry and one with the biggest success rates.

It might seem like push notifications have been around for ages, given how widely used they are. But they actually started just over a decade ago, in June 2009. It was only 15 years ago that Apple introduced push notifications during an update announcement. This new feature, known as the Apple Push Notification Service, changed the game for customers. And from there, they became a staple of modern communication.

For advertisers and media buyers, push notifications present a strategic advantage, allowing for real-time communication with target audiences. The ability to send personalized, timely, and relevant messages can significantly increase engagement rates, making push notifications a prime channel for delivering targeted advertising campaigns.

Types of Push Advertisements

Web push notifications – These are messages sent to users through their computer or phone browsers. They pop up at the top or bottom right of the screen on computers, or in similar spots on phones, just like app notifications. They show up whether the user is on your website or not, as long as they’re using their browser.

In-app push notifications – These are a powerful tool to engage with your existing app users. These notifications deliver timely updates, such as news from social networks or helpful reminders from the app itself, directly to the user’s device. By leveraging in-app push notifications effectively, you can enhance user retention and drive increased interaction within your app ecosystem. Furthermore, with the rise of mobile advertising, in-app push notifications have emerged as a valuable avenue for promoting products and services to your app’s user base.

In-page push notifications – These mark a significant advancement in push notification technology, especially for iOS users. Prior to this innovation, push ads were not accessible to iOS users due to their policy on ad subscriptions. However, with the introduction of in-page push ad formats, iOS users now have the opportunity to receive ads in a manner similar to push notifications from messaging apps. This development opens up new ways for advertisers to reach previously unavailable audiences on iOS devices.

In-Page Push Ads: All You Need to Know – Traffic Nomads Blog

What to Consider on Push Notifications?

Push notifications offer a range of benefits that can increase your online presence and get significant engament rates:

  1. Drive Website Traffic: Keep your audience engaged by providing timely updates and driving traffic back to your website.
  2. Timely Information: Deliver real-time updates on relevant content or services, ensuring that your audience stays informed.
  3. Boost User Retention: Encourage repeat visits and loyalty by delivering personalized notifications that target to individual interests.
  4. Promote Promotions and Offers: Increase sales and conversions by sharing exclusive deals and promotions directly with your audience.
  5. Enhance Business Visibility: Stay top-of-mind with your audience through regular, non-intrusive reminders, improving your overall visibility online.
  6. Increase Customer Satisfaction: Meet user expectations by delivering pertinent and timely content that adds value to their browsing experience.
  7. Opt-In Engagement from Real Audience: Unlike some ad formats where users may feel bombarded, push notifications are willingly accepted by subscribers. This voluntary agreement fosters a sense of loyalty, making users more receptive to the offers they receive.
  8. No Geo Limitation: Push ads provide the flexibility to launch campaigns in any geographic location. With the Traffic Nomads push notification network getting to audiences in over 200+ countries worldwide, finding the right offer and corresponding traffic is feasible regardless of location.
    9. Guaranteed Delivery: Push notifications are delivered directly to users’ screens, ensuring that the intended audience sees them. Even if users are offline when the notifications are sent, they’ll view them as soon as they’re back online, minimizing the risk of missed opportunities.
    10. Not Necessary to have High Budgets: You don’t require substantial budgets to leverage push ad traffic. The relatively low cost per click makes it accessible even for newcomers in affiliate marketing, allowing everyone to generate profits. With a minimum deposit of $50 in the Traffic Nomads ad network, diving into this advertising format is achievable.

Tips For Success with Push Notifications

  1. Define your campaign objectives
    Every effective strategy starts with setting clear objectives. These objectives serve as the foundation for your campaign, influencing your target audience, creative decisions, and budget allocation.
  2. Manage your ad frequency
    Constantly bombarding users with reminders about your offer? It might seem like a good idea, but you must consider that if a user doesn’t click your ad on the first 3 times he sees it, why would you keep spending money on him? At Traffic Nomads we always advise our advertisers to put a frequency cap of 24/3 in order to prevent uninterested users.
  3. Try Different Creatives
    Different creatives appeal to different segments of your audience. By experimenting various designs, messages, and visuals, you can engage a broader spectrum of users and capture their attention more effectively, plus combatting ad fatigue and preventing users to become desinterested in your ads and optimizing performance to better identify the type of creatives that resonate best with your audience
    4. Frequenty optimize the campaigns
    You have the option to include or exclude sources, zones and creatives. This allows you to deactivate portions of traffic that aren’t profitable and focus solely on the most effective publishers and creatives. Utilizing analytics to refine strategies and optimize messaging can significantly improve campaign performance over time.
    5. A/B Testing
    Testing different OS, browsers, User Activity Levels and creatives, allows you to conduct A/B tests to compare the performance of various ad elements. This data-driven approach helps you make informed decisions about which campaign settings perform the best results and optimize your campaign for maximum impact.
    6. Interactive Media
    Incorporating rich media like images, emojis and interactive elements into push notifications can significantly boost engagement rates. Visual and interactive content is more likely to capture attention and encourage user interaction.
    7. Keep the ad title short
    When advertising on mobile screens, brevity is key. No matter how much you love your latest pun, the title should clearly summarize what you’re offering in just 3 to 4 words.

Examples of Creatives

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What are the best verticals for Push Notifications?

  1. E-commerce: Promote product launches, exclusive deals, and limited-time offers to drive sales and conversions.
  2. Finance: Offer financial advice, investment opportunities, or updates on market trends to engage users interested in personal finance.
  3. iGaming: Notify users about new upcoming matches, in-game events, or special promotions to encourage iGaming registrations and deposits.
  4. Health and Fitness: Share workout tips, healthy recipes, or reminders for fitness goals to appeal to health-conscious individuals.
  5. Travel: Provide travel inspiration, flight deals, or hotel discounts to entice users interested in exploring new destinations.
  6. Utilities: With an increasing emphasis on online privacy and security, VPN and Antivirus services are in high demand. Push notifications can be used to alert users about special offers, discounts, or new features of VPN services. Messages can emphasize the importance of protecting personal data, accessing geo-restricted content, or maintaining anonymity while browsing the internet.
  7. News and Media: Deliver breaking news, updates on current events, or personalized content based on user preferences to keep users informed.
  8. Education: Offer online courses, learning resources, or study tips to cater to users seeking educational content.
  9. Dating: Facilitate connections by promoting dating apps, matchmaking services, or relationship advice to users interested in dating and relationships.
  10. Sweepstakes: These can serve as effective lead generation tools, allowing businesses to collect valuable user data such as email addresses, demographics, and preferences. Push notifications can encourage users to enter sweepstakes by highlighting the prizes, entry requirements, and deadline, thereby driving traffic to sweepstakes landing pages and increasing participation rates.

How to Choose your Push Notifications Traffic Source

How much traffic can you get from Push Notifcations in a network?

Before you register at a traffic source or ad network, it’s important to know how much traffic they can offer. Understanding this helps you figure out how big your campaigns could be or what strategies might work in a reliable traffic network that shares this info. At Traffic Nomads Rates chart you can see the average volumes and CPC (Cost Per Click) you can get depending on the country you’ll be promoting. The minimum CPC is 0.001$.

What guidelines does the ad network follow?
When it comes to push ads advertising, following compliance rules is crucial. Take the time to carefully review the traffic source’s compliance guidelines to understand what’s allowed or not. A traffic source that takes its rules seriously signals a commitment to quality service.

However, that’s where the verification process comes in. Familiarize yourself with the campaign and account verification procedures, who oversees them, and their workings. It’s important to know how long it typically takes for your campaign to receive full approval before making a decision

Is the push traffic ad network platform user-friendly?
Ensuring you’re comfortable with the platform that could significantly impact your marketing endeavors is essential. Look for tools that are straightforward, intuitive, and easy to navigate. At Traffic Nomads you can check our SmartBid system, our real time reporting, multiple targetting options, an experienced support and our own push notifications userbase.

What tracking integrations does the ad network have?

A tracking solution is indispensable for any successful campaign. At Traffic Nomads we’re already integrated with some of the major trackers in the industry such as Bemob, Redtrack, Voluum and PeerClick.

What are the Ad Network’s reviews?

At Traffic Nomads we asked some industry leaders for a review of our platform. Here is an example. This is important to understand what were the challenges and benefits that other media buyers and advertisers had and how they overcame them.

Challenges and How to Overcome Them

Despite their potential, push notifications come with their set of challenges. Overcoming these obstacles is key to getting to this ad format’s full potential.

User Fatigue

One of the biggest challenges is user fatigue. To combat this, advertisers and media buyers should focus on sending highly relevant and personalized notifications, avoid over-messaging, and prioritize quality over quantity.

Privacy Concerns

With increasing emphasis on user privacy, adhering to data protection regulations and ensuring transparent communication about how user data is used are essential steps in maintaining trust and compliance.

Looking Ahead: The Future of Push Notifications for Advertisers and Media Buyers

As we look towards the future, the role of push notifications in digital advertising is set to grow even further. Advances in AI and machine learning will allow for even more personalized and sophisticated targeting strategies. Moreover, the integration of push notifications with other marketing channels will provide a more cohesive and omnichannel user experience.

For advertisers and media buyers, staying ahead of the curve in adopting new technologies and strategies related to push notifications will be key to unlocking their full potential in 2024 and beyond.


Push notifications stand as a powerful tool for advertisers and media buyers, offering unparalleled opportunities for engagement, personalization, and direct communication with audiences. By understanding the best practices and challenges outlined in this guide, professionals can effectively leverage push notifications to drive success in their digital marketing efforts in 2024.

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, push notifications will undoubtedly play an increasingly significant role in shaping the future of advertising and media buying. Embracing this with a strategic and informed approach will be crucial for those looking to stay ahead in the competitive world of digital marketing.

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