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Everything You Need To Know About Traffic Nomads

Created by experienced media buyers, Traffic Nomads is one of the few ad networks in the market with its own push notifications userbase. With an intuitive self-service platform and expert media buying advice, advertisers can achieve the results they are looking for seamlessly. Traffic Nomads was built by MOBIPIUM, an affiliate network specializing in mobile...

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AffDragons is our new Partner and you can get 10% on your first Payout!

Meet our new partner  – Affiliate Dragons! Affiliate Dragons is an affiliate network with huge experience in the СPA market providing profitable offers from proven partners and showing great results for media buyers, especially in Push and Pop traffic. Here’s what you can get with Affiliate Dragons: ✔️Best performing offers for Push, Pop traffic; ✔️...

Ad Formats and Tools

Beginners Guide: Everything You Need to Know About Traffic Nomads Ad Formats

There’s a lot of ad formats out there. For new marketers, it can be complicated getting a grasp on the scope and diversity of digital ad formats available. Choosing the right ad format for your campaign should always be based on the type of offer you are promoting and the angle you want to use...

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